As professionals regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), psychologists with protected titles (including, but not limited to Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Health Psychologists) are required to have regular supervision of their professional work.  Many of us are also members of our own professional bodies, such as the British Psychological Society, which also endorses this requirement.  They state that:

"A key factor in developing and maintaining...skills is the use of consultation or  supervision and having a space where it is possible to open up thinking to the mind of another with a view to extending knowledge about the self.  It is important that psychologists from all disciplines look after their own wellbeing."  

(BPS Professional Guidelines, 3rd Edition, 2017)

General supervision
With 24 years (and counting!) of post-qualification work in a range of settings, I have witnessed a lot - either directly or indirectly, so little will surprise me!
I offer a reflective, containining supervision space for psychologists and other therapists to bring and explore issues that arise from their professional work. This might include, but is definitely not limited to, the "how to" of therapy.  

I draw upon a range of therapeutic models in my clinical work, and am very much an integrative practitioner. I have been around long enough to embrace a pragmatic approach to clinical formulation and practice.  

Our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours in relation to clients, colleagues, our work (whatever the setting) and maybe our profession in general are also important topics to bring to supervision.  Also, whilst we are all trained to be clear about the boundary between therapy and supervision, (for good reason) I recognise that our personal and professional lives and influences are not always that easy to disentangle. With clear ground rules agreed, it may be possible for us to address this "grey" area in supervision.

If this sounds like the kind of space you are looking for, please get in touch.

Supervision re neurodiverse clients (autism and ADHD)

I have a particular interest in working with autistic and ADHD adults (without an intellectual disability) therapeutically, and also offer diagnostic assessments using the Adult Aspergers Assessment.  If, like many other therapists, you are comfortable working within mainstream mental health but don't feel confident extending your skills to the autism/ADHD population, I would be happy to support you with this in supervision.  This may be on either an ad hoc (when you have questions about a specific client) or ongoing basis.

If this sounds like the sort of support that would help right now, please get in touch.


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