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Initial telephone conversations of up to 30 minutes (or brief email exchanges) to discuss whether or not you think my service would be suitable for you are absolutely FREE.



Standard rate - £100 per hour
(Standard rate applies to assessment and report-writing.
Part-hours are charged to the nearest 15 minutes pro rata).
Screening for diagnostic assessments (including feedback) - £25
Final basic amendments on diagnostic reports – £25
Room  rental - cost will be passed on if assessment takes place anywhere other than Lochgilphead - usually £10-£12 per hour dependent on location

Autism and ADHD assessments are charged at my standard rate of £100 per hour for everything involved in the assessment process other than screening or final basic amendments to diagnostic reports, which have a flat fee as above.

The time taken (and therefore the final cost) with vary according to need, with more complex or borderline assessments taking longer. Purely as a guideline, autism assessments typically require 3-5 hours of assessment (whether face to face, by telephone or videoconferencing), plus another 6-8 hours to produce diagnostic reports. Therefore the full cost of an autism assessment can range between £900 and £1500 - you may have a good idea before you come how "complex" you feel your assessment might be (clue: if you already have a lot of supporting information from childhood and have relatives willing and able to attend the assessment with you it is likely to take less time and be easier to reach a conclusion).

ADHD assessments tend to take slightly less time and therefore cost less, but again, this varies according to individual circumstances.


Psychological therapy sessions (60 minutes including time to arrange further appointments etc.) are charged at my standard rate of £100 per hour.

Once you are sure you want to commit to regular sessions, there are options to block book in advance at a discounted rate.

Travel time for therapy appointments, if applicable, is charged at half the standard rate plus travel costs.