Initial enquiries

Initial telephone conversations of up to 30 minutes (or brief email exchanges) to discuss whether or not you think my service would be suitable for you are absolutely FREE.

Psychological therapy

Psychological therapy sessions (60 minutes including time to arrange further appointments etc.) are charged at my standard rate of £110 per hour.

Any other reports or additional work (requested by you, e.g. letters of support and interviews required to gather such additional information) - £110 per hour or part thereof (to nearest 15 minutes)

ADHD/Autism diagnostic assessments for existing therapy clients

Clinical interview sessions with you or any informants are charged at my standard rate of £110 per hour.  As an existing therapy client, we may take time out of our ongoing therapy to focus on this for 4-5 sessions (approximately), or the information may be gathered non-consecutively alongside our other work.

Behind-the-scenes work to consolidate the information gathered and prepare a formal diagnostic report and appendices for a single diagnosis - £1000.  A report covering both autism and ADHD may take slightly longer and therefore cost slightly more, but will not be double the price!  This will be discussed with you at the time and a quote prepared.


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