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Links to other websites that might interest you.

Mental Health

Mind UK - UK mental health charity

Anxiety Canada - Great Canadian website for anxiety resources 


EMDR-UK - UK-based EMDR Association

EMDRIA - EMDR International Association - US-based

Introduction to EMDR - EMDRIA video introduction to EMDR

What is EMDR? - Interview with Dr Jamie Marich - more in depth discussion of EMDR and its origins


National Autistic Society - UK wide autism charity

Scottish Autism - Scottish autism charity

SWAN (Scottish Women's Autism Network)

Autism Network Scotland - hub for information on autism in Scotland

Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH) - A group by and for autistic adults throughout Highland

Highland One Stop Shop for Autism - a hub of information for autistic adults, based in Inverness

Different Together - resource for neurodiverse couples


ADHD Foundation


General Neurodiversity 

ACAS guidlines on neurodiversity at work

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