(Internal Family Systems)

I am now trained in IFS (Level 1), which has been described as "a transformative psychotherapy...and empowering paradigm" which facilitates healing through deep self-compassion and the welcoming of all aspects of ourselves ("Parts"). 

The metaphor of garlic is often used within IFS as a metaphor for our own internal systems - we are all made of multiple aspects of self called "Parts", which are linked by the central stem or "Self".  This is part of being human, and not an indication that something is wrong or out of order (just think of all the times you've heard yourself or someone else say something like "part of me is really excited about this next step, but part of me is scared stiff!").  We are at our best - both internally and in our interactions with the world - when we can foster positive relations with and between all these Parts, and lead from our central, wise and compassionate Self.  However, this is easier said than done if we find our internal worlds overwhelming, confusing and full of extreme and differing opinions that seem to pull us in different directions! 

IFS helps us to increase understanding and compassion of all Parts, helps strengthen the Self, and supports Parts that might be holding a lot of pain, hurt or responsibility to let go and release their burdens, once and for all.

For more information on IFS, please have a look at the resources on my Links page.

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