Psychological therapy

I provide a range of services that fall under the remit of Clinical Psychology, the main one being psychological assessment and therapy with adults for a wide range of issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, PTSD and complex trauma) .

In therapy, you will find a safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can speak openly and confidentially about whatever is concerning you. The first session or 2 might involve telling your story and the background to the issues you want help with. We will then work together to understand these more thoroughly. We will try to establish which factors, past and present, might be contributing, and identify and strengthen the positives and resources you already have (even if you don’t yet know it!). 

Together, we will develop a sort of theory or map (called a psychological formulation) which will help us decide which steps to take to help you move forwards and achieve your potential.

I am experienced in many theories and models (e.g. attachment, cognitive, behavioural and trauma-focused approaches, including EMDR and IFS). I bring all of this knowledge to my work and in helping us to understand your situation and possible ways forwards. This is often called an “integrative” way of working, and is particularly suitable for those who are looking for an individually-tailored approach to therapy. If you are autistic, or have another neurodivergent condition such as ADHD, you are even more likely to appreciate how important this is!

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