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Autism assessments (adults)

I provide professional assessments to establish whether someone meets the diagnostic criteria for an Autism Spectrum Disorder (previously referred to as Aspergers Syndrome or Autistic Disorder), I also do ADHD Assessments.
There is a lot of debate about whether or not autism should be considered a disorder at all, as it is now recognised that it is more of a difference in brain wiring, bringing with it both positives and negatives. (Read one autistic person’s opinion on this debate here). Therefore, the use of the word “disorder” has become controversial for some. However, until an alternative method for identifying individuals on the autistic spectrum is established, diagnosticians such as myself are required to use the terms used in the diagnostic manuals (DSM and ICD) when providing diagnostic assessments.
In essence, diagnostic criteria require professionals to:
(1) establish whether or not there is sufficient evidence of autistic features (thinking, behaviour, ways of experiencing the world) across a wide range of areas;
(2) establish that these features have been present since very early development (i.e. that they did not develop as a result of some other condition or event such as a head injury or life experiences);

(3) that they are not better explained by some other condition.  

I usually use a combination of the following sources of information in my assessment process:


Any previous reports or other evidence you think might be relevant;

A clinical interview over one or more face to face meetings ;

Information from an informant (usually a parent) who knows about your very early development - but a partner or other family member may also provide useful information.

It is, however, often possible to be flexible about the way information is gathered, so even if you are unsure (e.g. about filling in questionnaires or involving a parent in the assessment) feel free to call or email me to discuss further.

When the assessment is complete, I will provide you with a full report. Sometimes a briefer report may be an option - this can be discussed in advance.

Please note: you are paying for a thorough, professional assessment, not a particular outcome - please bear in mind that you may not receive the outcome you were expecting.